the shoe is not alone

trawlin through they nets, shoe tripped over a grreat great site dedicated to the ramen. the rameniac is lookin to roll all over the place, wit some neat-O ratings an some heavy hittin bowls to boot.

it's flash, hit it bitches!


wotta betta way to celebrate the chee-rist!mas than a good hot bowl fulla noodles. thass what the shoe did for his xmas cheer.

enter the bubuka in the kichijoji. shoe had been casing the joint for a coupla weeks, an it seemed there was always a line out the front, usually a good sign..wella wella wella iffin you didnt believe it, the line was a wee short when shoe came a callin', an he only hadta wait aboot 10 minutes to get the goods.

bubuka does a good bowl o the heavy stuff, lotsa oil for your oil needs, an a real good soup that just keeps getttin better the lower ya go. noice jibbly chashew to boot.

there is some sorta soupless ramen that bubuka does, wit the em-phasis on the oil.. shoe will be a hittin that some other day.

three 5-ton stalwarts for the bubuka. yikes!


funnaye vid by the rahmens.

'tain't the ramen, like, but close..

a new hope..

awrite, so shoe was a suckin' the hind teat on the ramen front, but it shall change mofo's! the shoebox has been moved agin, and so wit that, shoe has nudged closer to a ramen hotbed, the kichijoo-ji. preliminary wanderings reveals a whole whack-O-ramens, just a waitin for the shoe treatment.

shoe snuck into the fukusui to kick the shit off, an' scarfed down a bowlful o dark. mmm! nabad, a decent start, wit the egg being the star o the show. some other bowls on the rack there look interestin', so shoe may be back to dip a toe in once again.

three fiery phoenixes for the fukusui, shoe shall survive!

smell that? the deadness

k, so shoe been ramen-lite these days. wanderin to foreign lands, scoopin' bout the lay o the land, but not gettin' pulled into the shops, likesay.

this is one o the bowls in the pipes that shoe lookin' through the files found, and lo, had not reported on! bad shoe..

a month or so back shoe hit a shoppe in the kiba, not a ramen hotbed, but you takes what you can gets.. the mujinzou, hot n gloppy.

shoe hit the tonkotsu option, cuz he didn't know any better. sub-par, wit a gimmick onna noodles, some sortof HEALTH! noodle, rockin they chemicals from some sorta persimmon extract. PERSIMMON! harumpf.

shoe later found out that the negi-ramen in this joint is supposedta be the shit in the mujinzou, an mebbe iffn he ever feels the need to hit it, he'll hit IT.

anyhoo, three tin stars for the mujinzou

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